11″ X 24″ Matboard & Frame


This Mat includes a properly sized frame with glass

Mat contains two lines, choose up to 7 letters per line
We offer hundreds of shapes and symbols that can be added to your mat Choose the Shape or Symbol and enter the name below.
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Custom Cutout Lettering


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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 5 × 34 in


11 X 24 Matboard Frame Combination

Choose up to 14 cutout letters, in two lines with this 11 X 24 Matboard Frame Combination.

You also have the option to further customize it with printed lettering on the face of the mat. If you select this option there is an additional $9.00 charge and we will contact you for Complete details.

We offer many pre-made cutout options you can choose to further customize your mat at NO ADDITIONAL charge!

To ensure the preservation of your photos for years to come, our mats are acid-free. Simply attach your favorite memories behind the mat’s cutout letters.

A properly sized frame with glass is included with this mat.